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Everything under control with our professional measuring equipment

Heat pumps and cooling systems must be optimally set to operate economically. Only then can they heat or cool to the desired degree with low power consumption. Your efforts therefore make a very important contribution to energy efficiency. Another important point is the tightness of the system, because escaping refrigerants can pose a considerable risk to the environment. With the new refrigeration measuring devices from Wöhler, you can make adjustments to the system and carry out leak tests very quickly and effectively, so that not only benefits the environment, but also yourself.

Wide range of applications due to various measurement options.

All the necessary measuring devices: Pressure, temperature, superheating, subcooling and refrigerant quantity - these are the system parameters that the refrigeration engineer must have in view.

Wöhler offers you a selection of measuring devices for this purpose: a refrigerant manifold for checking and adjusting heat pumps and cooling systems, as well as a scale for measuring the weight of refrigerant pressure vessels when filling or draining refrigeration circuits. In addition, there is a refrigerant leak detector for the rapid detection of even the smallest quantities of leaking refrigerant. All devices are robust and suitable for use by all tradesperson and of course comply with the relevant standards.

Precise detection of all common refrigerants

Helpful accessories: Sophisticated accessories make your work even easier. Refrigerant hoses that can be closed with ball valves and robust temperature tongs are included within the contents of the installation aid. In addition, there are practical accessories, e.g. the Wöhler heat pump cleaning case, which contains the perfect tools for cleaning the housing, fins and condensate drain. So the job is done thoroughly and quickly.

Robust housing
Digital display
Ball valves at the connection hoses
Non slip rubber coating
For all common refrigerants
  • Can be used with all common refrigerants
  • Easy handling due to practical accessories, for example lockable connection hoses (ball valves)
  • Everything in view on digital displays of the units
  • Easy storage and transport due to plastic case and high-quality carrying bag

Wöhler MR 400 Refrigerant Manifold

  • Used for maintenance work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps
  • Detection of operating conditions of refrigerants in refrigerant circuits
  • Indication of high and low pressure
  • Measurement of superheat and subcooling
  • Vacuum measurements

Wöhler RS 400 Refrigerant scale

  • Weight measurement to determine contents of pressure vessels

Wöhler RL 200 Refrigerant Leak Detector

  • Precise and reliable detection of smallest leaks in refrigerant circuits
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