The cleaning of air ducts with brushes, the so-called brush cleaning, is usually done using a vacuum cleaner (dust collector). All open, unused junctions or secondary ducts must be sealed before cleaning the ventilation system. In case of round pipes and in case of slightly stuck dust, the ventilation system cleaning should be done by means of a flexible viper or reel.

For the cleaning of ventilation systems with brushes, a brush head is mounted on the flexible viper, which is driven by a cordless drill. With the rotating brushes the flexible shaft works its way into the air ducts. The cleaning effect is very effective due to the rotating and flexible brushes.

For very long pipe sections with loose dust a reel with a suitable brush head is suitable. This is pushed mechanically through the air ducts, thereby removing the dust.

After the cleaning is completed, a camera inspection of the ventilation system should be carried out again so that the before/after effect can be documented.

Cleaning an air pipe with the Wöhler H 420 manual sweeper