Many of the ventilation systems installed in countless buildings are so dirty they represent a fire and hygiene risk.

Video inspection of ventilation systems makes it easier to assess the amount of work involved. 

You should always inspect the ventilation system using an inspection camera before and after the cleaning process. Inspecting the ventilation system with a camera before cleaning makes it possible to determine any damage, the run of the ventilation system, cross-sections, branch lines etc. This allows the creation of an appropriate quotation based on the size of the ventilation system, the defects found in it and the necessary amount of cleaning. The imagery is perfect for customer acquisition, documentation and for further processing.

Performing camera inspections of ventilation systems

The inspection camera is inserted into an opening (e.g., the service panel) in the ventilation system. When inspecting the system it is possible to simultaneously save imagery viewed in real time to an SD card. A pan & tilt color camera system and good lighting facilitate an excellent all-round view inside the ventilation system. Furthermore, in conjunction with a digital distance counter it is possible to pinpoint any damage or locations where dirt has accumulated.

The measurement of the indoor air quality before and after the cleaning confirms to the customer that the work was necessary and carried out properly.

When you finish cleaning the ventilation system, it is recommended to inspect the system again with the inspection camera. That will enable you to illustrate the cleaning effect much better. In particular, the inspection camera allows customers to see what their ventilation system actually looks like on the 'inside'.


  • Recognize and localize damage quickly and easily
  • Capture the 'course' of the ventilation system with a pan & tilt color camera.
  • Better estimate of the cleaning effort
  • Save imagery for documentation and customer acquisition
Display of the Wöhler VIS 350 universal camera during a camera inspection of ventilation systems