IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

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Temperature Probe
Air Speed
Temperature Display
Humidity / Dew Point

Wöhler RF 220 Hygrotemp

Measures the relative humidity and air temperature and calculates the dew point and wet bulb temperature.
  • Quick test of relative humidity within buildings and offices
  • Air conditioning test
  • Building inspection for mold and other humidity related problems
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Remote probe
Min / max / average memory
Hold function

Wöhler CDL 210 CO2 Datalogger

The Wöhler CDL 210 CO2 data logger and the Wöhler CDL 110 data monitor are CO2 monitors (also known as CO2 traffic lights) for continuous monitoring of the carbon dioxide concentration (in ppm) and other indoor air quality factors.
  • CO2 monitor with temperature and humidity display
  • Large carbon dioxide (CO2) measuring range up to 9,999 ppm by true infrared CO2 measurement (NDIR)
  • Display of CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity on the large display
  • Accustic and visual alert when the preset carbon dioxide concentration is exceeded
  • CO2 data logger with adjustable log rates (Wöhler CDL 210 only)
  • Protection against data loss in case of power failure (Wöhler CDL 210 only)
  • Wöhler indoor climate software for reading out and evaluating the measured data (Wöhler CDL 210 only)
The CO2 monitor is ideally suited for monitoring the CO2 concentration in buildings. The CO2 content is crucial for determining the indoor air quality and helps to optimize one's own ventilation behavior. Air temperature and humidity are also displayed and support you in a problem analysis (such as discomfort, humidity, mold, concentration problems).
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Infrared CO₂-measurement
Acoustical and visual alarm function
Data logger
Comfort level indicator

Wöhler FA 4xx Fan Anemometer

  • Measurement of air speed, temperature, humidity at the air vents
  • Measurement of CO2 at the air vents (Wöhler FA 430 only)
  • Detection of air leaks
  • Integrated measurement of volume flow
  • Direct measurement of volume flow at air vents in combination with the cone
  • Direct measurement of flow rate at the air nozzle in combination with a funnel
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Wöhler FA 4xx App
Easy handling
Measurement report
Wöhler Telescope Handle

Wöhler IQ 300 CO2 Meter

The Wöhler IQ 300 CO2 meter is ideal for monitoring air quality in classrooms, waiting rooms, seminar rooms, etc.. It evaluates the air quality at any time based on measurement data. An important factor for monitoring indoor air quality is the CO2 content. Through breathing, people release moisture and CO2 into the indoor air and, if they are sick, also viruses. A high CO2 content in the air therefore indicates an urgent need for ventilation, because if this value is high, it can be assumed that the air is also polluted with other substances. Via a brightly traffic light LED as well as a clearly audible tone, the Wöhler IQ 300 warns when ventilation is required. The limit values for the warning functions are adjustable. If desired, users can also mute the warning tone, as the large display also shows clearly when the air quality becomes critical.
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bright traffic light LED bar
warning alert
clear screen
trend display

Wöhler CM 220 CO-Meter

  • Measurement of CO concentration in the ambient air
  • Test CO leakage from furnaces, water heaters, stoves
  • MWC-Value-Measurement (Maximum Workplace Concentration)
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Precise electrochemical sensor
Calculation of the MWC-value
Visual and acoustic indicators
Easy operation-one button, manual zero