Wöhler FA 410 - Set

Fan Anemometer set with funnel
Order no. 4155

Wöhler FA 410 - Set

  • Measurement of air speed, temperature, humidity at the air vents
  • Measurement of CO2 at the air vents (Wöhler FA 430 only)
  • Detection of air leaks
  • Integrated measurement of volume flow
  • Direct measurement of volume flow at air vents in combination with the cone
  • Direct measurement of flow rate at the air nozzle in combination with a funnel
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All properties
Wöhler FA 4xx App

Readings and data management in the Wöhler FA 4xx App

Easy handling

With automatic identification of the cone

Measurement report

via IR-transfer to the Wöhler TD 100 Thermal Fast Printer

Wöhler Telescope Handle

e.g. for ceiling vents

Selectable units

m/s, fpm, m³ / h, CFM, °C, °F, cm², inch²

Backlight LC display


Min- / Max-Function

Delivery Contents
1 x Wöhler FA 410 Fan Anemometer
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1 x Wöhler FA 4xx airflow cone set
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