Leakage Testing Buildings

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Leakage test
Protective Pressure Measurement
Air visualisation (Smoke)
Temperature Probe

Wöhler IRTemp 210 Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact temperature measurement of surfaces.
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Starting at £86.00

Laser pointer
Back light
Adjustable emission factor
Quick response time

Wöhler IR Hygrotemp 24

The Wöhler IR Hygrotemp 24 measures air temperature and relative humidity. It calculates the dew point. The additional infrared sensor measures surface temperatures.
  • Home inspection
  • Analysis of surface mold potential
  • Indoor air quality analysis
  • Indoor air comfort analysis
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One instrument
Dew point and wet bulb calculation

Wöhler UL 23 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

  • Leak detection at e.g.:
    • Gas lines
    • Water lines
    • Refrigerant units
    • Pneumatic systems
    • Hydraulic systems
    • Vacuum systems
    • Electrical systems: switches, relays and other contacts
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Starting at £1,358.00

Wöhler HBF 420 Moisture Meter

With its unique combination of electrical resistance measuring technique and dielectric measurement the Wöhler HBF 420 wood and building materials moisture meter represents an ideal hand-held instrument to assess the moisture content of materials in a wide range of applications:
  • Building diagnostics: Damage analysis, leak detection
  • Building work: Preparatory measurements before applying paint, installing floor coverings etc.
  • Fuel management: Assessing wood fuel materials
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Starting at £144.00

Building and wood moisture
Dielectric measuring technique
Resistance measurements
Adjustable alarm threshold

Wöhler BC 600 Blower Check

Fully automatic blower door measurement

The new Blower Door Measuring Device Wöhler BC 600 Blower Check can do everything thanks to its large air flow range. The high-precision sensor technology ensures that the required measuring accuracy is reliably maintained.
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Starting at £6,509.00

Completely on site
Innovative and time-saving installation concept
Fully automatic Blower Door measurement
No turning of the device necessary

Smoke Generators

  • Locates air leaks in building envelope
  • Detects back draft conditions of gas appliances
  • Smoke detector testing
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Wöhler DT 310 Differential Temperature Meter

  • Simple measurement of differential temperature
  • Temperature measurement of flow and return surface temperature of water and flue lines
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Starting at £137.00

Simultaneous display
Display of differential temperature
MIN and MAX memory
Optional temperature probes