Wöhler Borescope

with Wöhler VE 400
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Wöhler Borescope

Our highly specialised borescopes enable precise and non-invasive inspection of hard-to-reach areas, from drains and heating shafts to engines and boilers. With their flexibility and portability, borescope cameras are indispensable tools in a variety of industries, including automotive, building services and machine maintenance. Learn how using a borescope helps streamline maintenance operations, reduce costs and increase safety.
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All properties
Large 5" HD color monitor

Auxiliary lamp on the device

With LEDs to illuminate the inspection area

Image and video recording

On SD card

Different probes possible

Ø 3.9 mm probe & Ø 5.5 mm side view probe

Delivery Contents
1 x Wöhler VE 400 HD-Video-Endoscope
1 x HD-Video-Endoscope-Probe, swivelling Ø 6.2 mm / 1.5 m / 180°
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