Wöhler CM 220 Carbon Monoxide Meter

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Wöhler CM 220 Carbon Monoxide Meter

  • Measurement of CO concentration in the ambient air
  • Test CO leakage from furnaces, water heaters, stoves
  • MWC-Value-Measurement (Maximum Workplace Concentration)
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All properties
Precise electrochemical sensor

Calculation of the MWC-value

(Maximum Workplace Concentration)

Visual and acoustic indicators

Easy operation-one button, manual zero

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Wöhler CM 220 Carbon monoxide meter, 3 x AAA batteries, carrying pouch, hand strap
CO measurement of the room air

The CO as well as the CO2 content in the room air can lead to a lack of concentration, tiredness, headaches and even death. CO is produced, for example, by insufficient combustion in a heating system and can enter the room in the case of exhaust gas backflow. It is also contained in car exhaust gases and tobacco smoke.